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Alicia Sauer

Input. Ideation. Strategy. Teamwork. Execution.


"Alicia is a serious designer with a fun and wild side. Target harnessed her talents [to meet] their high standards and tight deadlines with multiple overlapping projects. She is great in studio as well as on the computer. She would make any job fun!"

Lee Christiansen
Sr. Art Director, Target


I approach each job – whether a complete re-brand, a photoshoot or a digital strategy – the same way.

1.  Input - ask lots of questions, do the research, gather creative inspiration

2.  Ideation - brainstorm, doodle, ask more questions

3.  Strategy - make the plan, the timeline, the steps for execution

4.  Teamwork - gather the correct people, discuss the details, trust, regroup, problem solve

5.  Execution - dive in, do my part, provide support, deliver


"Alicia is a unique individual with an excellent eye for design. She is detail-oriented and flexible in a fast paced environment. She can manage multiple projects and has great people skills. She is easy to get along with and eager to work hard. I enjoyed working with her very much."

Christine Lien
Creative Director, Sleep Number



I knew at a very young age that I wanted to become an artist someday. My dream was to work in a tall building and have my own cubical. (No joke) So to achieve both goals I focused (starting at age 14) on becoming a graphic designer. 


Now I have a breadth of experiences from client to agency - fine arts to performance, and I can use this unique perspective to craft targeted and ownable design solutions for companies large and small. 

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